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History, Facts & Stats: Our History, Facts, and Statistics about Our Area and Arizona

90 minutes to Las Vegas, a recreation wonderland, desert and mountain living, and a growing community, await you!

Mohave County
Kingman is the County Seat
Formed: 1864
Zip Code of Valley View Medical Center: 86426
Current Total Population:
About 170,000 and growing!

Combined Population of our area (Laughlin, NV, Fort Mohave, AZ, Bullhead City, AZ, Needles, CA - all called the "Tri-State" area): Approximately 75,000.

An amazing life for families awaits you in Mohave County and Western Arizona!

Image from co.mohave.az.us

Mohave County is the 4th most populace of Arizona's 15 counties, and the 5th largest geographically in the United States at a behemoth 13,470 square miles. The term "Mohave Valley" has several different meanings. The Mohave Valley is that portion of the lower Colorado River Valley extending from Katherine's Landing, just above Davis Dam, south to Topock Gorge including the towns of Laughlin, Nevada, and Needles, California and the Arizona communities of Bullhead City, Fort Mojave, Mohave Valley, Oatman, and Golden Shores. County Map Launcher

The community of Mohave Valley (zip code 86440) is that unincorporated area of Mohave County, Arizona from Boundary Cone Road on the north extending south to the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge and from the Colorado River east approximately four miles (this area is just south of VVMC).

  • Fort Mojave (zip code 86426) is the unincorporated area lying between the Bullhead City Limits south to Boundary Cone Road and east from the river to the limit of development. Fort Mojave has historically been referred to as the Fort Mojave Mesa or simply "the Mesa." Valley View Medical Center is technically located here. However, many in the Bullhead City and Laughlin area consider the combined communities of Fort Mojave and Mohave Valley to be the "Valley."

Parker and Davis Dams on the Colorado River:

Although our valley was inhabited by Native Americans for hundreds of years, it wasn't until the construction of the Parker Dam in the early 1930s and then the Davis Dam on the Colorado River in the 1950s, did our region begin to grow. These dams (along with the Hoover Dam, also built in the 1930s, which is south of Las Vegas) are part of a dam system down the Colorado River to reserve water for hydroelectric energy agricultural needs – we have lush and fertile farmland here. And the water is not just for the regional population, but pumped to Southern California.

  • Although the Parker and Davis Dams (along with the Hoover Dam south of Las Vegas) and the irrigation and hydroelectric power system, and dams built on the Colorado River marked the early modern start of the growth of our area, we would not be who we are today without the vision of Don Laughlin, who brought gaming to our Tri-State region in the 1950s – learn about his story in Towns Close By/Laughlin.

Parker Dam is the deepest in the world and its construction created Lake Havasu

See those water pipes in the photo on right? That's water being pumped to thirsty Southern California from Lake Havasu – keeping our lakes full is the priority of the dam system. We benefit by rarely seeing drops in our water levels!

Parker Dam is now operated with Hoover Dam (Las Vegas region) and our Davis Dam (Laughlin Nevada/Bullhead City, AZ) to bring water and power benefits to residents of the lower Colorado River Basin. It is the deepest dam in the world; 73 percent of its structural height of 320 feet is below the water line. 235 feet of the Colorado riverbed was excavated before concrete was placed for the dam's foundation. Only about 85 feet of the dam is visible.

At 45 miles long, 648,000 acres and containing nearly 211 billion gallons of water, Lake Havasu is a reservoir resulting from the construction of the Parker Dam between 1934 and 1938 by the US Bureau of Reclamation.

Our Lake Mohave covers a far bigger area than Lake Havasu at 1,818,300 acres and is 67 miles long vs. Havasu's 45. It was formed in 1953 with the completion of Davis Dam, named after Arthur Powell Davis, Director of Reclamation from 1914 to 1932.

  • Since 1941, the Colorado River Aqueduct has delivered water from Lake Havasu behind Parker Dam to the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The Colorado River Aqueduct is also tapped by the San Diego Aqueduct, which takes water to that city's water system as well.
  • Recreation! The dam system has created wonderful lakes that provide a variety of recreation, plus they are places to cool off in our summers. Like Davis dam backs up water to create our Lake Mohave, the Hoover dam to our north (Las Vegas area) created Lake Mead, and to our south, Parker Dam created Lake Havasu.
  • Clear Water! Unlike many lakes around the country – it's a "sure thing" that we will have our amazing, crystal clear lakes and the Colorado River to enjoy through the year. Unlike many lakes in the US which may be have free-standing lakes which can promote murky water or generally poor water quality, the Colorado running through these lakes and down south provides a natural filtration system, which promotes clear water here.
  • No Drops in water levels! This is due to the signature focus on providing water to Southern California, so lakes Mohave and Havasu are regulated by the dam system to remain full even during low rain years (see photo and caption above).

The Colorado River Dam System

Museums, a little bit of local performing arts, and native American ferstivals are part of life here as well.
The petroglyphs in Christmas Tree Pass and Grapevine Canyon are more than 500 years old!

History & Museums (Photo Gallery)

Edward Beale and Lewis Kingman were early explorers and surveyors of the region. Beale laid out a wagon route through northern Arizona to the Colorado River. Kingman then surveyed the same route for the railroad. U.S. Highway 66 was later built along the wagon route, becoming a major factor in the settlement and development of the area. It has now been replaced by Interstate 40, but the original route can be followed through most of its length across the county. Gold and silver were discovered in the mountains around Kingman, and the remnants of many mines and mining camps can be seen today. The county was named after the Mohave Indians, who had lived along the Colorado River for many years. In addition to Interstate 40, U.S. Highway 93 traverses the county from northwest to southeast connecting it to Las Vegas. Interstate 15 cuts through the remote northwest corner, through the Virgin River Gorge, connecting Utah with Nevada. Arizona Highway 389 accesses a segment of the northern edge of the county. The Kaibab, Fort Mojave and Hualapai Indian Reservations cover parts of the county.

Hint: Are you a history lover? You can immerse yourself in ours, and literally discover ancient artifacts in our wide open desert surroundings, which include Native American settlements and abandoned gold mines.

For Today & Tomorrow: See our Growth Study.


With 300 days of sunshine per year and its arid climate, the Western Arizona Mesa, is known globally for its year-round weather, and total rainfall of only about 8 inches per year. However, whereas our elevation is approximately 500 feet above sea level, Oatman at 2,500', Kingman above 3,500', and Hualapai County Park edges to 7,000' with the summit of the Hualapai mountains, which are above 8,000 feet elevation, so we have temperature differences within the county as great at 40 degrees in winter and summer. It's not unusual for Hualapai County Park to experience snow and for the mountains be snow-capped in winter!

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Drive From
Ft. Mohave/Bullhead City to:

Laughlin/Casinos: 5 miles
Local Airport (private planes & charter only): 5 miles
Kingman: 40 minutes
Las Vegas/International Airport: 90 minutes
Flagstaff: Under 3 hours
Phoenix: 3 ½ hours
Los Angeles: Under 4 hours

Cost of Living Comparison

(Closest City in this service is Flagstaff, 3 hours from us. The cost of living, housing
and taxes, are considered less in Mohave County than Flagstaff)

Median Household Income
State: 41,554
AZ Ranks 24th

State Income Tax:
Highest (at $150,000): 5.04
Married and Child deductions available

State of Arizona Flag, Seal & Map

The 13 rays of red and gold on the top half of the flag represent both the 13 original colonies of the Union, and the rays of the Western setting sun. Red and gold were also the colors carried by Coronado's Spanish expedition in search of the Seven Cities of Cibola in 1540. The bottom half of the flag has the same Liberty blue as the United States flag. Since Arizona was the largest producer of copper in the nation, a copper star was placed in the flag's center.

Arizona: 48th state (Feb. 14, 1912)
Origin of state's name: Perhaps from the O'odham Indian word for "little spring"
Nickname: Grand Canyon State
State Motto: Ditat Deus (God enriches)
State Flower: Saguaro Cactus
State Tree: palo verde (1954)
State Bird: cactus wren (1931)
Highest Elevation: Over 8,000 in the Hualapai Mountain
Lowest Elevation: 450 feet at Lake Havasu

Capital City: Phoenix (257 miles from VVMC and Fort Mohave)
Land area: 113,635 sq mi. (294,315 sq km)

Population: 5,743,834 (20th ranked in US)
5 largest cities:
Phoenix, 1,388,416
Tucson, 507,658
Mesa, 432,376
Glendale, 232,838
Scottsdale, 217,989
(Mohave County est. population is 170,000)

Racial Breakdown of State of Arizona:
White: (75.5%)
Hispanic/Latino: (25.3%)
Other race: (11.6%)
American Indian: (5.0%)
Black: (3.1%)
Asian: (1.8%)

Our service area has fun for everyone, and your family and friends will want to visit often!



Mohave County: www.co.mohave.az.us
Bullhead City EDA: www.bullheadeconomicdevelopment.com
Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohave_County,_Arizona

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