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Growth Study – Our Strong Platform for Future Growth

A strong base for growth is in place in our immediate service area – Mohave Crossroads is our area's first retail
"power center" shopping plaza, and "big box retailers" are already here

If you are considering a long-term career decision and trying to imagine your future opportunity, isn't the economic health of the hospital's service area a critical factor to consider? Like any great investment, "getting in early" is a key. You've met us at a great time. Anne Pettit, one of our profiled community leaders and a realtor and developer, describes us as being a "teenager" in our evolution. While there are many reasons for our growth and strong future prospects, and the basic ones are pretty elementary and easy to appreciate:

  • In the last decade we were #1 in America! That’s right – our Bullhead City/Laughlin/Lake Havasu Region was the fastest growing “Micro-politan” area in the United States between 2000-2010 (PDF). While took a breather as most of America suffered a downturn, we are expecting growth in the future!
  • Expensive California borders us to the east - major distributors want to store materials/products, and have large warehouse and business centers on our side of the southern California market (and its ports to Asia). Many of our new residents from California, including retirees, continue to "trade equity" in their expensive homes there and are moving here to enjoy a more relaxed life with a much lower cost of living.
  • Our location makes us a fascinating spot close to Las Vegas, and centered between Phoenix and Los Angeles.
  • Weather and Lifestyle: We have a desert climate which guarantees warm winters. But vast Mohave County has 8,000' elevations to our north, and water everywhere, offering vast, year round, unlimited recreational options – with no hurricanes, earthquakes, mudslides, fires, or tornadoes. Our relaxed lifestyle is reminiscent of Palm Springs during its early years, and here you will have a leisurely and short drive to work. Imagine a company moving here to the delight of its employees.
  • No "politics:" For smaller businesses and professionals of all sorts attracted to opportunity here in Western Arizona, a "pioneer spirit" exists here due to so many residents coming from elsewhere – here you don't have to be related to a local politician, or have generations in an industry, in order to get equal opportunity.
  • Last Frontier: When you think about vast regions that are undeveloped and desirable for life and work, where else can you think except for the Southwest United States? This "phenomenon" is a reason for Nevada, our neighbor to the north, leading the nation in population growth (by percentage) for the last two decades. Smart jobseekers (and investors) notice signs of growth in Western Arizona and understand what it means for them.
  • Tourism! Need more reason to choose our area? More than 4 million tourists visit us annually for 24-hour gaming and recreation that we enjoy year-round

In our service area, medical practitioners, physicians, or staff professionals can get in on the "ground floor of growth" and be a foundation for the future of medical care in a booming area and garden spot in the southwest United States!

Heading north on SR 95 from Fort Mohave (VVMC’s location) to downtown Bullhead City (2 miles)

One of many commercial real estate centers popping up which bring more modern amenities and services to our area

The massive Tri-State Industrial Park is under construction south of Valley View MC.
Smart jobseekers (and investors) notice signs of growth and what it means for them.

Map of Our "Tri-state" Area:

Key – Valley View Medical Center is represented as the red cross in the southern-most part of the map along Highway 95. We are located in unincorporated Fort Mohave, which is south of Bullhead City to our north – we are north of Needles, which is not on the map, but you can see how we border California to Valley View MC’s south.

Beginning at the Davis Dam on top of the map below, which formed Lake Mohave, you can see how Highway 163 comes into our area, per the Directions we provided to you in our Community section. Note the bridge at the top of the map that connects Bullhead City to our immediate north from Laughlin.

Note on top of map how the Bullhead Parkway connects with the northern bridge and curves to the east into our mountainsides and then south, emptying out onto Highway 95 next to Mohave Community College, which is 2 miles north of Valley View Medical Center (also reviewed in Real Estate).

Our region’s proximity to I-40 as the "last stop" before the Southern California market and its ports to Asia, is a huge factor that will drive growth in our region, starting with our Tri-State Industrial Park, which is 15 minutes south of Valley View MC

Approximately 10 miles south of Valley View MC, which is off of this map, is Needles, CA and its southern bridge, back over the Colorado River, and Highway 95 connects to I-40, and then about 45 miles south is Lake Havasu City. Both cities are reviewed in Towns Close By.

  • Being alongside Interstate 40 is a key factor for our continued economic growth - it's the most traveled highway in the United States and major companies are eyeing our area because we are an ideal distribution hub before I-40 heads into Southern California and its ports to Asia.

Three Growing Features of our Service Area – Residential/Population, Retail & Commercial, and Industrial growth:

Lisa McCabe at El Rio Country Club (Keri Stewart, GM, with husband Chris), the signature golf community just south of
Valley View Medical Center: "We are open for growth to the east, and south which is through VVMC's service area."

Lisa McCabe, Executive Director, Bullhead Regional EDA, spent time with us to review how VVMC’s immediate and extended service areas are growing. Her office is available below for more information, or you may request to meet her during your onsite visit to our community.

  • According to Lisa, growth management will be the key focus of these adjoining communities: "Our communities are growing together to become one. Soon there will be no gaps between them."

Residential and Population Growth:

  • As a single example of the growth prospects of our direct area, Bullhead City currently has 42,000 residents. Laughlin Ranch, the largest master-planned community of 11,000 acres, plans the construction of 44,000 homes in the next 15 years.
  • 3500 home sites are currently in development in Bullhead City behind the Riverview Mall, which is alongside Highway 95 across from Mohave High School and a 10 minute drive from Valley View MC.
  • 5 premier golf courses have been constructed in our region since 2000, around which residential communities will eventually be expanded.
  • The Old Riviera Section of Bullhead City plans to develop 254 acres.
  • The Bullhead Parkway contains many communities for all price ranges - it carves into the eastern hills of Bullhead City and Mohave Valley (featured in Real Estate), and empties on its south side at Mohave Community College, just 2 miles north of Valley View Hospital.
  • El Rio Country Club is 2 miles south of Valley View Medical Center, a 600-home site golf community, has an adjacent 60-acres of designated commercial space to make it a "self-contained" resort community.
  • With the “US Baby-Boomer” population looming to peak in 2016 and beyond as the retirement age is raised, we expect continued growth in our area as the premier retirement area in the country – especially with the growing real estate problems and weather catastrophes affecting Florida, which for the first time in two decades has experienced a drop in population growth.

New and Ornate, high-end shopping & business office/flex space at El Rio Country Club

Quotes from Executives from Laughlin Ranch and El Rio Country Club

"Twenty-five years ago, you could get free rooms at Caesars (Palace) – really at any of the (Las Vegas) casinos. They were trying to attract you with cheap rates. But when the Mirage was built and (Steve Wynn) knew he would have to make $1 million a day to break even, everyone said he would go bust. Well the rest is history. That's what is happening in Laughlin, the same kind of renaissance that happened in Las Vegas.

Even at build out, Laughlin is going to be a tenth the size of Vegas, and it will be a different clientele. Families come with their boats and jet skis – things that aren't available in Vegas. You know, they can build pyramids in Vegas, but they can't build a Colorado River." Dave Lords, Developer of Laughlin Ranch, Bullhead City*

"Southern Californians…have been coming for years and years. For many of them, it's a great value to come here. You've got gambling casinos just like you'd have in Las Vegas. You’ve got great golf. You've got entertainment and some very good dining. It's not all the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, but it offers everything at a much more affordable price."
Keri Stewart, Director of Golf and General Manager, El Rio Country Club, Mohave Valley
(Keri is featured in Our Community)

*Great Escapes magazine (article "Building Boom" 3/2006)

Population Growth Estimates of Mohave County:

2020:     348,000
2030:     512,000

Better Growth Prospects than Lake Havasu City?

Although Lake Havasu City is the largest city in Mohave County as of 2010, that is eventually going to change due to better conditions for growth in our service area.

Gary Kellogg, with Susan Youngdahl, left, and Lisa Kruger, Lake Havasu City leaders

According to Gary Kellogg, 2011 CEO of the Lake Havasu City Partnership for Economic Development, "We are 70% built out." due to acreage limitations. Lake Havasu remains a great lake and neighbor, but we offer more!

  • 20 years ago, Lake Havasu City had the amenities that we now enjoy – we offer more: our area is adjacent to gaming, which is next to us in Laughlin, we have a river and a lake, and we are an hour closer to Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and the cool mountains of Kingman in summer time.

Retail Growth: We are not only a fast-growing part of Western Arizona, but we are emerging as the "shopping hub" for our region, so our retail and commercial growth is enhanced as our residential growth numbers continue.

The commercial real estate and retail growth continues and Hwy 95,
which bisects our service area was widened to 4 lanes in 2009

Lisa McCabe’s greeting to
prospective candidates at VVMC
Running time: 1:07 minutes

Retail Drive along SR 95 in Bullhead City
and then into Mohave Crossroads
Running time: 2:04 minutes


Big box retailers and new franchises don't come unless specific population and traffic thresholds are surpassed

When you drive in our area, you will sense a new "vibe" with retail and commercial construction growing around us

  • For an overview of our retail shopping, visit the Life in Mohave County


Industrial Growth:

Our access to Interstate 40 to our south is as significant to our growth as any factor. As the "last stop" before the California border to our west and then onto the Southern California market, and its ports to Asia and China, companies are attracted to our lower land costs and reliable power and resources, to set up distribution centers and industrial parks here. This benefits Valley View Medical Center because the new Tri-State Industrial Park, and available land for development of such "mega distribution warehouses," is 20 minutes to our south.

Our Airport: The airport’s runway has been lengthened and can now accommodate 767 aircraft. Currently more than 300,000 tourists take advantage of chartered “getaway” vacation flights which are sponsored by the casinos in Laughlin. $1 million in renovations were made in 2008, and we are lobbying commercial airlines to bring daily flights into our airport.

The first phase of the Airport Industrial Park is fully leased. The second phase is well under construction and offers state-of-the-art facilities and warehouses.

  • FedEx recently announced plans to expand its services and build storage facilities at the airport
  • Careflight, a rescue helicopter company, recently established its headquarters at the Airport Park



More Materials:

Hoover Companies Investment Brochure pages (PDF) This is a land development/investor.
Colorado Place Commercial Property Brochure pages (PDF) This is a commercial retail property in our area.
Airport Corporate Center (PDF) This is our airport’s commercial center.
Bullhead Regional EDA Pamphlet (PDF) This is Lisa McCabe’s organization (928) 704-6374
Lisa McCabe, President: (928) 716-3003
Chamber of Commerce 2010 (PDF from its brochure)

Every photo in this section of our presentation is original and taken especially for you and your family, during an onsite production visit.

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