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You only have one life to live. So why not make your life the best it can be, and choose a place that will provide compelling stories for your family to remember forever? Once you get past our awesome 360 degree views of mountain ranges, the mighty Colorado River and its wonder, our unique history, and the diversity of Mohave County, you'll find a community robust with unique and diverse people, and with a spirit that will touch your heart.

In the early 1980s, the Bullhead City/Ft. Mohave Mesa/Laughlin population was just 15,000. Today, we are approaching 100,000 (the entire county's population is over 200,000) with southern Californians selling their high–priced homes for our better values, new neighbors escaping the massive congestion and big city traffic issues in Phoenix and Las Vegas, and retirees throughout North America buying where they regularly vacationed. Others "discover" Western Arizona for our warm winters, outdoor recreation, and gaming.

Where exactly is Mohave County? With one of the most unusual geographies in the United States, and by land size the 5th largest county in America, we are "Arizona's West Coast," but we are known locally as the "Tri-State" region because we border Nevada and California and our communities are really "one."

  • Our Community consists of Bullhead City, Fort Mohave and the Mohave Valley, Laughlin, Nevada, and Needles, CA. Surrounding cities include Kingman, our County seat, which is north in the higher elevations, Oatman, our charming mining town from days gone by, Lake Havasu City, to our south, and Las Vegas – all which are featured in Towns Close By.

Our Basic Location

More Detailed Location

County Map Location

Reaching us by driving, or flying into our Laughlin-Bullhead International Airport on a charter flight – or drive from Las Vegas, Southern California, or other parts of Arizona, such as Phoenix and Flagstaff (3 hours). Directions

A double-rainbow after a spring rain at Laughlin Ranch Country Club – sometimes it rains in the desert!

We're a county of compelling contrasts. And for an immediate service area population for Valley View Medical Center of just 40,000, what is within 90 minutes of us cannot be offered anywhere else.

We offer the Hualapai Mountains (pronounced “walla pie”) of 8,000’ snow-capped peaks, camping, hiking, to near 0 elevation desert lands for motor biking and discovering. We’re dry with little annual rainfall but offer year-round unlimited water sports, from kayaking through gorges to boating on Lake Mohave. And while we offer Las Vegas-style casinos, sports books, day spas, and entertainment across the river in Laughlin, NV, here in the Mohave Valley we play with our families in parks, cheer our state champion high school sports teams, and meet close friends and neighbors at community-sponsored festivals and concerts. Las Vegas is not in our backyard. We like it that way. But it is an easy drive to what is arguably the world’s largest adult playground with unbelievable shopping, dining, and premier entertainment and sports.

Sunny almost all the time. No natural disasters. Desert. Mountains. A lake and river. Dramatic elevations. Small town life with ‘Vegas close by. That’s what we’ve got!

Boating on the Colorado River and then a concert featuring LeAnn Rimes to end another great day

A day of desert exploring on ATVs among the Joshua trees to snow-capped mountains and mule deer in
Kingman – its 60 degree nights in summer are a great break from the heat!

For higher-end consumers we have plenty of distinction and basic things for everyday living
not found in many communities of 40,000, in addition to our 90 minute drive to Las Vegas

The new Aria at City Place on the ‘Strip, Elvis at the iconic sign, and as of 2010 our regional airport only hosts
charter flights and limited service by Sun Country Airlines, so we fly out of McCarron in Las Vegas

Selected Community Leaders and Neighbors:

“If you are considering a career for you and your family, just look how far we’ve come to get a perspective on what your life will be like 15 years from now.” – Mayor Hakim
“The Tri-state region has so much to offer everyone from young families to folks looking for a great place to retire, which should be an additional draw for medical professionals projecting their careers into the future.” – Margaret
“In the mid 2000s our real estate was in such demand that price was at a premium. Affordable housing for many was hard to come by. Today you can invest in a house in an ornate country club with a gorgeous sunset view, for a fraction of what others' paid 5 years ago for the same property. Now is the time to buy.” – Pat

Ann Pettit
US Southwest Realty
VVMC Board Chair

Lisa McCabe
Executive Director
Bullhead EDA

Jack Hakim
Bullhead City

Margaret Gabeldon
General Manager
Pioneer Hotel/Casino
VVMC Board

Pat Burright
Burright Construction

“The community has developed some great parks and has plans for more in the future. The Lake Mead National Recreation Area adjacent to Bullhead City is an impressive national park system.” – Toby
“If I were a physician, here I could establish a practice quickly and have a thriving practice in a short time. In light manufacturing, the airport industrial park's 1st phase is 100% leased. In retail, the 'big box stores,' have arrived, and keep coming.” – Chuck

Mel Sorenson
Mohave Fire
VVMC Board

Toby Cotter
City Manager
Bullhead City, AZ

Chuck Rathbun
News West

Lake Havasu City Neighbors – just under an hour south of us!

Gary Kellogg
Economic Dev
Lake Havasu City

Lisa Krueger
Chamber of

Gary Peaslee
Park Manager
Cattail Cove
State Park

Grace Ann Jacobs
Grace Arts Live

Charles Wood
Tribal Chairman
Chemehuevi Tribe

Lake Havasu City is currently the largest city in Mohave County but our area is scheduled to far surpass it as we have more available land to expand and build upon, we offer greater gaming amenities as well as access to higher elevations, and we're closer to Las Vegas – this is reviewed in Growth Study/EDA. However, Lake Havasu offers great recreational fun and has been a "tourist spot" for Southern Californians for years. Learn more about Lake Havasu City in Towns Close By.

The Davis Dam – this is why we’re here:

Although our valley was inhabited by Native Americans for hundreds of years, it wasn’t until the construction of the Davis Dam on the Colorado River in the 1950s, did our region begin to grow. Davis Dam is part of a dam system down the Colorado to reserve water for hydroelectric energy agricultural needs – we have lush and fertile farmland here. And the water is not just for the regional population, but pumped to Southern California.

The dam system has created wonderful lakes that provide a variety of recreation, plus they are places to cool off in our summers. Like Davis dam backs up water to create our Lake Mohave, the Hoover dam to our north (Las Vegas area) created Lake Mead, and to our south, Parker Dam created Lake Havasu.

Clear Water! And unlike many lakes in the US which maybe have free-standing lakes which can promote murky water or generally poor water quality, the Colorado running through these lakes and down south provides a natural filtration system, which promotes clear water here.

  • Learn a great deal more about our region's history about this dam system in History, Data & Stats


If you lived here, what would life be like? That’s what this Online Job Tour is about!

In Mohave County we celebrate our past and the history of Indian culture woven into our area with its artifacts dotted throughout our landscape. We have friends from all over the world as our neighbors who come here for vacations and many decide to retire here. As a result, we have a diverse population with people with different perspectives and points of view that broaden us as individuals. We really love our community – you’ll be able to tell. And we’re making room for you!

In Life In Mohave County there are more friends to meet and a lot to experience:

  • Settle in and enjoy this Online Job Tour – which covers far more than on a real interview trip! We truly want you to know what your work and life will be like before we begin to discuss your being a candidate for a career at Valley View Medical Center! When you have completed using this, visit Careers/Apply Here.

Shopping/Eating/Leisure/Spa: Malls, Retailers, local restaurants, and relaxing
Colorado River Fun: Tom Gallant, Owner of Around the River real estate magazine, takes us out on his boat on the river, and to the Naked Pirate!
Lake Havasu Boat Ride: meet Jim Salscheider, Lake Havasu's Marine Association Director and take a boat ride under the London Bridge! Jim also discusses life in our region.
Lake Mohave and Marina: Meet Horace Schuler, GM, Katherine Landing Marina
Kayaking and Canoeing: Meet Helen Howard, Owner, Desert River Kayak LLC
National & State Parks: From California's Joshua Trees to Cattail Cove's cool camp sites!
Kids' Recreation and Sports: Meet Dave Heath, Parks and Recreation Manager, and Denise Schwartzman of
Dancers Workshop
Motor Sports: Meet Jon Haines, Owner, Sunwest Xpress
COLORS of the Desert: 'Thought the desert is all brown? Think again!
Cowboy Stuff: Rod Hall is Outlaw Williehe and his friends put on a great show in Oatman!
History Lessons: Meet Wade Stephens, Museum Vice-President in Kingman. Marty Coburn at the Colorado River Museum, and Ruth Brydon at the Havasu Museum of History
Entertainment, Culture, and Theater: To complement the entertainment shared in the many casinos in Laughlin, along with Grace Ann Etcheberria-Jacobs, above, owner of Grace Arts Live and Arizona Coast Performing Arts, meet Doug Mann, President, CO River Concert Association.
Local Airport and its Industrial Park: Growing to daily commercial service
More Golf: Elaborate Laughlin Ranch, and El Rio, plus plenty more public courses
Aerial Photos: Meet Tookie and Don Hensley and Get a Bird's eye View of Mohave County


Important Points for Jobseekers:

  • Western Arizona is becoming the “garden spot” of the southwest, and our Tri-State area which includes southern Mohave County (us) is being called by many “the next Palm Springs.”
  • 4 million vacationers (Tourism) visit our area yearly – (Southern Californians who come in summer are referred to by locals as “River Rats” while those who visit in winter from the Midwest and Canada are called “Snow Birds;” many will choose to move here once they meet us or when they retire.
  • Baby Boomers: The American Baby Boomer population, which will peak in 2016 is promoting a demographic shift and we offer the kinds of things retirees want: warm weather, low cost of living, arid conditions, safety, and lifestyle amenities – we expect our population to grow, which is good for healthcare in our area as well as for physicians considering practice opportunities and their futures.
  • Sunny weather promotes the desire to “get outside!” Here we golf, boat and kayak on Lake Mohave and the Colorado River, we cruise on motorcycles, and we explore miles of open desert land in our ATVs.
  • Like Palm Springs or Las Vegas, we are in the desert, where it can be hot in summer, but here we can enjoy Lake Mohave and the Colorado River, or to go up to our northern elevations in Mohave County, where we go hiking and camping in the higher elevations in Kingman – where it’s cool during summer nights. Now that’s relief from the heat!
  • In many small towns in America, you have to know someone or have family in the area for generations in order to have influence – not here! Because we are a newer community with friends and neighbors from around the world, we have a “pioneer spirit” where you aren’t limited by “small town politics.”
  • Our location is compelling for business: Mohave County offers a “last depot stop” for corporations who desire a shipping/inventory/manufacturing hub along I-40 before entering the California market.
  • Access to large metro areas is reasonable: Los Angeles and Phoenix are under 4 hours, and Las Vegas – the shopping and entertainment Mecca of the world, is 90 minutes away.
  • Our community does not yet have certain high-end amenities such as Mercedes dealerships or a Neiman Marcus department store. For the most elite clothing, jewelry, and high-end shopping, we make it a “day trip” around lunch or dinner to Las Vegas! However, “big-box” retailers such as Home Depot and Target, and high-end restaurants and country clubs, are here.
  • Even if you work the night shift, the casinos here offer 24-hour services – one can “play all day.”
  • Convenience is a key word here: No traffic congestion, no long-lines at the grocery, no need to make golf tee-times a week in advance, no hour-long waits at the boat ramp. But we are a community on the “upswing” that has new growth and buildings all around us – it’s an ideal time to make us your home.
  • Entrepreneurial medical professionals have a “ground floor opportunity” to grow an amazing career as there are ample opportunities to “grow your wealth” because our towns are relatively new – having incorporated in the 1980s.

The view from the Laughlin Bridge, which connects the northern part of our service area to Nevada



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